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The Kootneeti is the place where the passion meets profession. We invite scholars from all around to share their research with us to highlight cooperation and challenges shared in the bilateral and multilateral economies of the world.

In recent years, many states have regarded withholding diplomatic relations as a way to punish countries for actions ranging from human rights abuses to failure to abide by international law, to specific treaty violations and acts of war.

But state-to-state relations among nations provide an essential framework for the conduct of foreign relations. Having no relations, and the resulting prolonged absence of a diplomatic presence in a country seriously handicaps America’s ability to achieve major foreign policy and national security goals. Diplomatic relations should therefore always be maintained unless security requires closing the embassy.

The Kootneeti understand the need for the research-based, and to the point analysis of the subject. We invite scholars to publish their researchers with us, which are peer-reviewed by the highly experienced professors, former diplomats and the former government of India officials.

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