Kootneeti Mediaworks (Pvt.) Ltd.

We’re not just a bunch of youths with technology on fingertips and metal music on our head. We are creative, imaginary & mad. Our clients seek us out for that reason. Work can’t be more fun than what we do at Koottneeti Mediaworks (Pvt.) Ltd.

It all starts with a weird imagination here, which we further work on and create the out-of-box solution, making us the smart and crazy professionals who prefer the smart work always over the hard work. We’re everywhere, We’re truly global, we don’t believe in the distances, we always fly high in the open and independent sky like the mighty Sixth Eagle.

If you have been looking for a professional and experienced Digital Publication and Translation Agency in India, consider The Sixth Eagle. We have services that are focused on digital publishing solutions which aim towards various formats popularly used by people to access information and news. We can combine traditional values with modern technology that enables businesses to engage and influence target audience and draw attention.

For more details please write to us at amrita@thekootneeti.com